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Cervical screening  (smear tests)



Child Immunisations


You should be sent a reminder of what immunisations your child is due from the Child Health Information Service. If you would like to discuss vaccinations, arrange a telephone appointment with one of our Practice Nurses.



We are able to offer full contraceptive services. To start the contraceptive pill or any new method of contraception, you must see a GP in the first instance. For a repeat prescription of the pill you will need to make an appointment with our Practice-based Pharmacist.

Cryotherapy Clinic

Please arrange with our receptionist

This is held once a month. Please speak to your doctor to see if you are suitable to attend the clinic.

Ear Irrigation

HCA or Nurse

BEFORE booking an appointment for ear irrigation, please see following leaflet: Ear Care Patient Information Leaflet

You MUST use olive oil ear drops for AT LEAST SEVEN DAYS / TWICE a DAY PRIOR to ear irrigation - if NOT the HCA / nurse will not be able to perform the procedure and will ask you to re-book.  We do NOT provide ear irrigation to under 16s.

Medical Examinations  not covered by  the NHS (fee payable)


These pre-booked appointments can be arranged via Reception. Please note a fee may still be charged if you do not attend your appointment.

Phlebotomy (blood tests)

 HCA or Phlebotomist

Our HCAs OR Phlebotomist are able to take blood every day. Please telephone for details.

Support to Stop Smoking

We now have a trained adviser who can help you to stop smoking.

You are up to 4 x more times likely to stop smoking with support. Telephone to book an appointment or ask your local community pharmacist.

6-week check for new mums and babies


Phone us to book your six week check. You MUST register your baby with the practice one week before your baby is seen.  If you are worried about your baby, do not wait for the six week check - see your GP. 

Nurse & HCA Services

The practice nurses and HCAs can advise on many aspects of health care.

Travel Vaccinations

If you're planning to travel outside the UK, you may need to be vaccinated against some of the serious diseases found in other parts of the world.


Non-NHS Services

Doctors are often required to write reports or provide certificates to organisations that fall outside our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges.